Mark Bradshaw - Newcastle Wedding PhotographerAbout Me……

Hi. My name is Mark Bradshaw and I’m a wedding photographer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Picture taking has been part of my life since I was a young lad and though I am known for my landscape
photography in the past few years my camera has been focussed more on couples getting married than seascapes
and hillsides.

A proportion of the wedding photographs I present to my customers are just ordinary pictures.
Lots of people like ordinary. I don’t like ordinary, but straight forward pictures are looked for and wanted by a lot of people.So formal group pictures are always done… keeps Grandma happy but before and after lets do our own thing.

Just as you really want the day to go, with smoothness and style, then lets get the pictures to match.
Lets go informal. Lets do photographs that you will want to show off. Lets not do ordinary. Lets do some art……..

Getting carried away again. Look at the pictures I try to do and see if this fits the sort of images you are thinking about.
To a Bride and Groom…I will need a little time with you both and maybe some lights but that time aside I will be around but not in the way.

Give me a call and we can have a decent chat or pop round to mine and we can have tea and discuss your big day.

See you soon.